The world is full of voices that tell you, you are not enough. The media bombards us with images and stories of how and who we should be. The word “should” is screamed (and whispered) at us from all angles – you should be the perfect partner… you should get a high powered job to be successful… you should look like model to be accepted and loved… Essentially – you should be something other than you.

I heard these voices for many years, allowing them to direct my life to a position of stress and confusion and, most importantly, towards something that was not me.

I was nice to the extent that I suppressed my opinions. I was focused and high-achieving to the extent that I forgot that fun existed. I was approval-seeking and self-conscious to the extent that I lost all passion and looked to the outside for my identity. Worst of all, my relationships and my life was a shame.

How did I reach that point? I listened to the “shoulds” of society and lost myself.

So what did I do? I had to take a drastic step or I would have never found myself again.

I disconnected from everything I ever knew, work, friends and sadly family. I moved to spiritual and personal development communities, starting in the UK then moving abroad. First, I learned that I had a voice, then that I had the right to speak my truth, then that I could trust myself to know what is best for me. My life transformed as I learned the power of living like I love myself.

And that’s my invitation to you – join me and

Live Like You Love Yourself

I know what it’s like to live like you don’t love yourself, or even more extreme – to live like to you hate yourself. Now I know how to live like you love yourself and the beauty, joy, passion, creativity and love that comes with it.

Discover the full juiciness of your life with the support and guidance provided by my courses, workshops, and coaching to finally live like you love yourself!

Contact me to discover more about YOU through 1-2-1 or group Coaching, workshops and courses

Laughing Buddha – when there’s nothing else to do
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