Areas of Expertise

Live Like You Love Yourself through activating your

Personal power…





Personal power

  • Improve your self-esteem
  • Learn how to make requests and demands
  • Accept and ask for support without giving up your power
  • Increase self-expression


  • Connect with and express your sexuality, safely and authentically
  • Overcome sexual blockages
  • Enhance intimate relationships
  • Meet partners from a place of openness and curiousity, whilst respecting boundaries
  • Experience conscious touch
  • Heal sexual trauma and intrusive memories


  • Trust and listen to your intuition
  • Tune in to your bodies needs and desires
  • Increase physical sensitivity so you can feel more pleasure
  • Learn how to shift awareness to enhance sensations in specific areas of the body (tantra-based)


  • Increase joy and fulfillment in this moment, now and forever
  • Reduce and manage stress, anxiety and overwhelm
  • Connect with your true purpose in life


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